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Gemini – your smartest personal assistant.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to be done? Have you ever encountered such a moment when all the deadlines collapse together and form an equivalent of a Gordian knot? Or maybe the opposite way – maybe you feel bored of repeating the same daily routine? Well, we’ve all been there. And here comes a breakthrough.

Let us introduce your new teammate that you’ll create a powerful duo with – Duet AI. By enabling the power of the newest generative AI technologies, Google provides intelligent and creative assistance to everyone in need. Duet AI, featured on TechRadar by Devoteam, is a product that surfaces across Google Workspace and Google Cloud services. It can act as a pair programmer, expert advisor, thought partner, source of inspiration, creativity booster and many more.

Enough of buzzwords, let’s get hands-on experience and explore all the Duet AI possibilities. In this article we’ll focus on Google Workspace. Here, Duet AI is available in all five major services: Docs, Slides, Sheets, Gmail and Meet.

Adds a dash of Shakespearean flair to your emails.

We’ll start with Gmail. As of November 2023, Duet AI is available here as a creative assistant that can write emails based on your directions. Once you open a tab for composing new mail, you’ll see the following blue-blinking button with a magic wand icon that says Help me write:

When you click it, the button transforms into a text prompt where you can type what you’d like to write. Let’s fill it with the following example and see what Duet AI can do about it:

As we can see, it did quite a good job. However, that’s not necessarily the final result. If we’re not completely satisfied with the result, we can ask Duet AI for text customization. Depending on the topic or recipient, we can refine our mail in four following styles:

Formalize will get rid of all the colloquialisms and make the mail more official. Elaborate is the best option if you think that more words will do the job. In opposition to this, Shorten would provide you with a more laconic, straight-forward statement that focuses on key points. Lastly, I’m Feeling Lucky enables Duet AI’s creativity in its full glory. Depending on its mood, it can create the mail in the form of a poem, song lyrics or a superhero-like story. Sky’s the limit.

Turning Text into Gold, from invoices to social media posts.

Moving forward, let’s go to Google Docs. Here we can let Duet AI create more than just an email, namely almost every text form that you can imagine: invoice template, resume, motivation speech, wedding plan. In our case, let’s create a social media post that announces the launch of a new AI product.

Again, we are able to refine the text, e.g. bulletize some points, change tone to either formal or casual and many more. There is also a dedicated prompt for custom needs. Let’s see how the post would differ after making it more straight-forward and adding emojis:

Next step, let’s go to Google Sheets. Here, Duet AI works in a very similar way, as a text prompt. Here’s what we obtain after typing: Create a roadmap for my five engineers with skill to develop from Q1 to Q4. Add progress bars.

Painting like no one else before.

Enough of text generation. Now let’s take one step forward and see how Duet AI can generate images. All we have to do is go to Google Slides and once again enter the text prompt. To assure you that this truly generates something instead of just googling through the existing images, let’s ask for something crazy that would certainly never appear anywhere before. We’ll ask for Dinosaur playing football against group of pineapples:

Similarly to refining text, here we can generate images in different styles, e.g. vector art, photography, cyberpunk and many more. Let’s try the same prompt again, this time in a sketch style:

Now – do it all at once!

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? However, this is just the beginning. For now, Duet AI serves as our creative assistant for a single purpose in a single service. Its true value will be established only when we combine all those features together. In the very near future, it will be possible. Here’s a brief preview of what Duet AI will soon be capable of:

This simple use case reflects our daily routine very well. Imagine that you are back from your holidays. Your skin still has a perfect tan, your morning coffee is still hot, you open your Gmail for the first time after a long break and pray that the number of unread mails is two- and not three-digit long. By that moment you’ve already known what you’re about to do till the end of the day and maybe even longer. And what about your next activities, is it possible not to postpone them?

Duet AI fits perfectly for the case. It can read through all your mails, provides you with their summary and points out what actions you should take because of them. Furthermore, with a simple click, it can arrange meetings with your clients or partners and send you their agenda. Or maybe, as shown above, you have to create a presentation out of a weekly report that has been just sent to you. No problem, just hand it over to your Duet AI and enjoy the ready deck within seconds.

When a meeting could have been an email.

Speaking of meetings, let’s see the power of our assistant in Google Meet. Here it turns out that we’ve encountered a major breakthrough in terms of mutual communication. Generating captions using speech-to-text methods quickly became a standard. Now we can move further and enjoy a simultaneous translation in both directions. Starting from now, you don’t have to worry whether your English or the English of your speaker is sufficient enough, nor whether to look for a translator of some less popular language. Duet AI enables you to communicate freely in your own language by providing a specific translation to the other side and backwards, you’ll see captions on the screen in your native language regardless of language in which they’re originally spoken.

Lastly, let’s focus on the following scenario: you’re a busy man and have multiple meetings. Some of them overlap each other, some of them are less urgent and you’d like to focus on more important things. Google Meet provides a possibility to record the meeting and watch it afterwards but again – who has time to do it?

Duet AI proves its irreplaceability again, by attending the meetings on your behalf. You can be sure that you won’t miss anything, as your assistant will come back to you with a summary of conversation and suggested action to be taken as an outcome. That’s also a good solution if you are late for the meeting and don’t want to interrupt others about what has been already discussed. You can quickly chat with your Duet and ask whether the following topic has been covered or not.

Too much for one article? Devoteam can explain more.

To sum up, Duet AI for Google Workspace moves us directly to the next level. It provides you the most comfortable assistance in nearly every aspect of your daily business and allows you to be more productive than ever before. The future is here and now, asking if you’re willing to collaborate. Will you join?