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How Duet AI is revolutionising work in Google Workspace

Google’s Duet AI is an amazing suite of generative AI features that are available in Google Workspace and Google Cloud. These features help you be more productive, creative, and connected. Read on to discover how Duet AI in Google Workspace is taking productivity to a whole new level.

AI is more than just a buzzword. It is a real technology that has the potential to revolutionise many industries and aspects of your personal and professional life. AI is already being used in a variety of ways, from powering self-driving cars to helping doctors diagnose diseases. It’s not surprising that Google has been working on AI for over two decades. From Google Brain to ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC), even Google’s renowned Search Engine uses AI to understand the meaning of search queries and to return the most relevant results. 

So what is new in the field of AI? Have you heard of Duet AI, your new always-on AI-powered collaborator?

What is Duet AI?

Google’s Duet AI, featured on TechRadar by Devoteam, is an amazing suite of generative AI features that are available in Google Workspace and Google Cloud. These features help you be more productive, creative, and connected. It is powered by Google’s state-of-the-art generative AI foundation models, and it is always learning and improving.

What is the benefit of having Duet AI for my business? 

Duet AI helps you work faster, achieve your goals quicker and help you collaborate with your teams more productively when you leverage AI. 

So, how can these amazing features make you more productive, creative and connected? We will tell you the story of the Bamboo company

Imagine that you are the happy founder of the Bamboo company. Bamboo is a retail company for Scandinavian-style furniture. You could use Duet AI:

  • In Gmail to write more effective marketing emails. For example, Duet AI could help you:
    • Write subject lines that are more likely to appeal
    • Personalise your emails with relevant information for the recipient
    • Use persuasive language to encourage the recipient to take action

Example: Creation of an email to inform the Bamboo client that the new furniture catalogue is available and they’re getting an early bird discount.

  • In Google Docs to create more engaging product descriptions. For example, Duet AI could help you:
    • Write clear and concise descriptions that highlight the benefits of your products
    • Use relevant keywords and phrases to improve your SEO
    • Create elaborate proposals in just a few minutes
    • Write terms and conditions making sure you don’t miss out on any details
  • In Google Sheets to track your sales data and identify trends. For example, Duet AI could help you:
    • Classify your sales data by product, customer, or location
    • Create charts and graphs to visualise your data
    • Identify trends in your sales data to inform your marketing and product decisions
    • Create project plans and other tracking tables

Example: Creation of furniture catalogue (with size, price, margin, etc.) for the Bamboo company.

  • In Google Slides to create more persuasive presentations. For example, Duet AI could help you:
    • Generate original images and videos to illustrate your points

Example: Creation of the template for the scandinavian-style furniture catalogue of the Bamboo company:

  • In Google Meet to create a more personalised background

Example: Creation of a Google Meet background with Bamboo company style

With Google’s Duet AI, there are infinite possibilities for enhanced collaboration and increased productivity. It’s ideal for teams working together on projects, documents, or tasks because it makes the entire process run smoother and faster. Additionally, all of these features are powered by advanced generative AI models which are constantly learning and improving.

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about how Duet AI in Google Workspace can take your team to the next level of productivity, contact our experts for a demo today!

Our Devoteam Google Workspace experts also offer personalised training to help your teams onboard the AI train quickly and efficiently!
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