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Navigating Multi-Cloud with INSIGHT (Cloud Management Platform) by Devoteam

Cloud computing adoption has reached unprecedented levels at a time when digital transformation is driving businesses. To improve scalability, reduce costs, and streamline operations, companies use cloud infrastructure. However, managing multiple clouds has become a new challenge as the cloud landscape has evolved. While managing a single cloud environment can be complex, coordinating multiple clouds simultaneously creates new challenges that require creative solutions. Due to the increasing prevalence of multi-cloud environments, so-called double-edged environments, in which two or more cloud services from different providers are used, companies are encouraged to adopt this strategy. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Less vendor lock-in
  • Choice of services based on business needs
  • Advanced disaster recovery capabilities
  • Cost efficiency 

Challenges in Cloud Environment

The complexities of managing multi-cloud strategies are driven by the very elements that make them attractive:

  • Deployment and infrastructure management
  • Visibility and overview dashboards
  • Billing and cost management
  • Security management

These topics add complexity of managing multiple vendors with multiple approaches and differences per service. To properly manage your cloud infrastructure you need a set of tools, which in itself is not bad, but adds additional overhead. Also, multiple cloud vendors have custom structure strategies and very different maturity levels for billing and visualisation. 

INSIGHT by Devoteam

To help our customers navigate their public cloud environments Devoteam introduces INSIGHT a self-service SaaS cloud management platform for Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS environments. Insight is built to allow customers to instantly access the most essential data for their multi-cloud environments. We at Devoteam are building a solution that will combine diverse types of metadata and produce aggregated outputs in dashboards and tables format for customers to further:

  • Track cloud infrastructure costs
  • Leverage recommendations for performance, security, reliability and sustainability per cloud
  • Keep track of cloud assets
  • Ensure regional compliance for resources
  • View assets tag statistics, dynamic grouping and allocation
  • Analyse security alerts in one place

Each of the topics mentioned above enables you to assess the health of your environment and gauge your cloud maturity level.

Additional Value

We believe that using many tools, such as ITSM or Monitoring, and cloud provider portals would make it challenging for not technically oriented users. Therefore, we have developed a portal to get a quick and clear overview of your cloud infrastructure, in one dashboard. INSIGHT serves as the gateway to Devoteam Cloud Managed Services, such as Managed Cloud Economics and Managed Cloud Compliance, enabling customers to fully use the functionalities.

Future Plans and Availability

Currently, INSIGHT is available free of charge for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, with support for AWS expected later this year. As businesses embrace multi-cloud strategies to meet evolving demands, solutions like INSIGHT by Devoteam are poised to play a pivotal role in simplifying multi-cloud management and enhancing cloud efficiency. Stay tuned for further updates: INSIGHT expanding its support to AWS, opening new possibilities for organisations navigating the multi-cloud landscape, analytics powered by artificial intelligence and other business features.

And that’s not all – you have the opportunity to try INSIGHT for free now!

Don’t fall asleep on your cloud and try out the cloud management platform to get better view of what is happening in your cloud environment by simply signing-up.