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BNP Paribas BCEF’s Success in Long-Term Impact Sustainability

How to assess the environmental impact of all business applications

Who is the organisation and what’s its context?

The organisation is a large private banking institution, offering diverse solutions such as project financing, billing solutions, insurance, asset management, for private or professional customers, businesses and associations.

To lower their IT’s environmental footprint, BNP Paribas BCEF is deploying a multi-pronged sustainable IT strategy, addressing many challenges from acculturation to impact quantification of proposed services.

What needs did the organisation face at the time?

One of the projects within this sustainable IT roadmap is to assess the environmental impact of business applications, from end user to hardware. The project started with the monitoring of a single application, to understand the architecture, infrastructure and overall methodology needed.

After this first assessment, the question was: “how can we scale this up to 400 applications?”.

An ongoing discussion further included adapting this methodology to include applications within a customer journey.

What was the turning point where the organisation had no choice but to adapt its strategy?

Scaling from 1 to 400 is tough work, which prompted a discussion about creating a dedicated project team with strong project management skills.

Furthermore, since the measurement tool is to be deployed across different departments, the question of change management and use case clarification was quite important, and Devoteam’s consultant played a key role in framing, scoping and the formalisation of the different challenges.

What were the immediate benefits for the organisation’s clients or employees?

  • Proven ability and methodology to assess the environmental impact of each application
  • Ability to share this application with relevant interested parties (application owners, department heads including, FinOps, Green IT, IT, etc.).

The onboarding and training of the team with regards to sustainability challenges, especially IT-related ones, as well as nurturing a close relationship between stakeholders (BNP Paribas BCEF, Sopht, Devoteam).