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Vertbaudet Embarks on a Data-Centric Dynamic

How to become fully agile using AI-based data management

Who is the organisation and what’s its context?

The organisation, a European leader in children’s fashion and the parents-to-be industry, has recognized the importance of data in maintaining its competitive edge. With a significant volume of sensitive and crucial data at hand, the organization has made the strategic decision to capitalize on this data and transition to a data-centric approach swiftly. This initiative is underpinned by a robust data strategy aimed at leveraging data assets effectively to drive business success.

What needs did the organisation face at the time?

Seizing opportunities for innovation and using data to improve resilience became part of the organisation’s strategy for the long run. Though, this transformation involved building a powerful new data platform and predictive tools tailored to Vertbaudet’s needs, that aligned with its customers and that would easily be implemented within the teams.

What was the turning point where the organisation had no choice but to adapt its strategy?

Because of the very nature of retail, both the decision-making process and its solution must be quick, immediately profitable and scalable. Data security, secure connection path, clean and exploitable data, and cost management are some of the key components of a reliable data-centric transformation, which is why Vertbaudet needed to work together with a strong digital partner to ensure full success.

What were the immediate benefits for the organisation’s clients or employees?

  • Full strategy roadmap in just a few weeks, with quick launch including +75 key contributors
  • 285 use cases prioritised by value and organised around 6 Vertbaudet personas
  • 3 months only for the platform go-live and the first real-time personalisation use case
  • ROI measured from the first use case multiplied by 4

The Darwin project, with the combined power of Snowflake and the precision of Dataiku’s customer targeting, is bound to result in a Customer Data Platform that delivers incremental value for the business.