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Revamping Management Frameworks for an Enhanced Customer Experience Using ServiceNow

The snapshot


Increasing automation of tasks and services with ServiceNow


Improved visibility through provided reports


Enhancing the relationship between two national bodies

The challenge

A public institution in the Saudi Arabia set goals for the national transformation program. However, a dated management system that consisted of excel sheets, emails and phones lacked visibility, hindering task management.

A lack of insights regarding team progress also meant that productivity could not be analyzed nor improved upon. Many services relied on manual handling.

The solution

Using solutions such as CSM, ITBM, ITSM, AppEngine and task management services, Devoteam, and ServiceNow enabled the automation of tasks. As many as 200 services were transformed and digitized through ServiceNow and reports made available for management insight.

ServiceNow was also used to create a strategic application governing the relationship among different public bodies in the region. It led to beneficial results in terms of efficiency and employee relationships.

The better change

Through a streamlined management framework

Using an ITSM solution for both parties

Better relationships and results between organizations