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Transforming Customer Service Management with ServiceNow

The snapshot


A single platform solution automating operational processes and streamlining the service delivery for half a million customers


459 empowered service desk agents and 580 consultants, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency, enabling to provide better customer service


A faster time to market for client’s new services and products

The challenge

Our client is a global leading provider of comprehensive IT services, helping to optimize business processes for half a million customers around the world. The company further offers its customers solutions and managed services in the field of IT infrastructure and IT security as well as cloud environments. 

In order to achieve streamlined service delivery, speed-up time to market and top-notch customer service, the client decided to replace the complex and highly customised tool in use with a new solution.

Devoteam saw the potential of the ServiceNow platform that would not only provide a modernized IT solution consolidating operations, but also bring a highly flexible tool that would meet business requirements and improve the customer experience.

The solution

ServiceNow Customer Service Management was implemented to manage interactions with customers, bringing modern, agile and user-friendly experience, while ServiceNow IT Service Management fastened time to market.

A large number of operations will be also streamlined by ServiceNow IT Business Management solution, allowing the improvement of the flow of information without the need for human touchpoints. 

Devoteam, in the role of a consultancy and deployment partner provided the ServiceNow expertise as well as designed, implemented and further developed delivered solutions. This was enabled through close communication and cooperation on workshops and on-demand customer training while ensuring ongoing agility. 

To follow the agile approach of the implementation the client chose its French branch to pilot the solution and lead the way for other regions. Thanks to out-of-the-box features and functionalities regularly coming from new ServiceNow releases the team have built a platform meeting its requirements with no need of heavy customisation. 

Many time-consuming manual tasks have been automated by a single platform consolidating operational processes and helping streamline the service delivery for half a million customers. The platform is faster, more efficient and its user-friendly interface allows the support team to focus on responding to customers swiftly and improve their experience.

The better change

Enhancement of service delivery and customer support

Centralization, automation and optimization of operation processes

Adoption of agile mindset driven by new out-of-the-box features and functionalities

With new releases coming out all the time, ServiceNow gives us new features and greater functionality that we can adopt seamlessly.