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Chapter 7

How to select the best partner for Cloud Native Adoption

With the most important benefits laid bare, you might be wondering how to choose the right Partner? 

After understanding the basics of Cloud Native, selecting a provider for your Cloud-Native journey can be a tough decision. While there are many options to choose from, in this paper we will further elaborate on why Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular options with 90% of Fortune 500 companies trusting them with their business.

Let’s dive into 10 great reasons to go with Microsoft Azure :

Cloud adoption framework : Change can be tricky and when shifting to Cloud Native this no different. The process can impact company culture, pushes us to learn new skills and adopt our mindset. This is why Microsoft provides you with an iterative process that evolves with your business called the Cloud Native Adoption Framework for Azure, to help you realize your digital transformation in 6 steps.

  • Define Strategy: Define business justification and expected outcomes
  • Plan: Align actionable cloud adoption plan to business outcomes
  • Adopt: Implement desired changes across IT and business processes. Migrate. Innovate.
  • Govern: Comply, control and secure.
  • Manage: Operative and optimize.

IAAS and PAAS compatibility : Microsoft Azure is prominent choice, as it supports a combination of IaaS and Paas services and thus helps accelerate busines growth. Indeed it gives companies a choice to either outsource their infrastructure and pay for the assets they need or build their digital products without having to provide the underlying groundwork.

Security : People will only use a product that they trust, which is why safety is one of the core values of Microsoft Azure. Azure was actually designed on an industry leading security process which guarantees safety of private data & services and is, with +50 compliance offerings considered one of the most trusted Clouds worldwide.

Scalability : Applications that run on Azure are known to run smoothly even when scaled up to millions of users, all without any additional coding. Add extremely efficient storage solutions and it becomes easier than ever to adapt any setting as you go.

Hybrid capabilities : Azure offers enticing hybrid capabilities between on-premises and public Cloud which makes your journey to cloud-native frictionless than aver and improves usability and performance.

Integration with Microsoft Stack : Azure includes popular frameworks and platforms such as. Net, Windows Server, and Visual Studio. And with XXX percent of companies already using Microsoft tools like Office 365 and Sharepoint for their daily operations, Azure can be a great choice as it smoothly integrates with the rest of the Microsoft stack.

Analytics and IA : In order to make smart choices and drive business progress looking at your data is key. With Azure facilitating SQL and NoSQL data services it is easier than ever to uncover insights, while it is also the only Cloud platform supporting Blockchain as a Service, Machine Learning, Bots, and Cognitive APIs capabilities.

Cost efficiency : If you are looking to cut IT Administration costs to a minimum, Azure could be a good choice because. Same as most other provider it follows an integrated pay-as-you-go philosophy and thus you only pay what you consume.

Identity and Access management : Security and user provisioning can be challenging for organizations. Azure offers secure IAM capabilities with Azure Active Directory to assure that only the right users access the right information which enables more agility and minimizes costs for Identity Management.

Support and frameworks : Microsoft is not only a partner-positive company and provides a lot of support, but they also make adoption extremely easy with their Azure Cloud Adoption Framework. The framework provides best methods, practices, documentation and tools that are required to cloud professionals as well as employees to successfully adopt and align their 0 strategies and practices to the cloud framework.