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Chapter 8

How Cloud Naitve will be evolving in the Future?

Let’s have a look at where we are headed! 

In recent years, we have seen businesses not only move their activities to the Cloud but also adopting lean methodologies and agile teams to significantly reduce time to market and better leverage their assets, while the adaptable characteristics inherent to the Cloud Native approach makes it extremely appealing to companies in all industries and embodies in a way the future of application development. 

With a strong DevOps culture as a backdrop, a cloud-native approach can indeed be not only the driver of digital transformation but also be the differentiator between a thriving company and their lagging counterpart

This radical shift is also at the source of a whole new hybrid business model – the Creative Tech – rising with a fresh generation of technological innovators, creative thinkers and designing engineers all leveraging the new opportunities the cloud has brought to build the products of the future. 

Spending on Cloud services and Cloud-enabling hardware, software and services is said to double to over $530 billion.

80% of applications will be developped on cloud platforms (PaaS) and 95% of new microservices deployed in containers.