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Chapter 1

Navigating challenges in a rapidly evolving economy: the role of Cloud Native

As a decision maker in a rapidly evolving economy, taking smart decisions, keeping up with innovation and choosing the right partners is key for sustainable growth, but we all know, sometimes along the way unexpected challenges can arise, ranging from a lack of time and resources, to lengthy outdated processes and so on. 

To work around these issues with ease and agility, companies all around the world are looking into Cloud Native to get ahead of their competition, often opting for one of the market leader’s cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and for good reason, as the potential of cloud-native increases exponentially and the benefits thereof can be immense. 

According to Gartner, the Cloud service market is expected to reach $331 billion by 2022. From this market, cloud application services are the fastest-growing sector, with a projected growth of 80%.

  • Profits: 68% say digital transformation is increasing profits.
  • Leaders: 91% of business leaders see digital transformation as a way of sparking innovation and finding efficiencies
  • Market value: According to Gartner the cloud services market is expected to reach $331 billion by 2022.
  • Growth: 80% projected growth for Cloud Application Services.