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Chapter 2

Cloud doesn’t have to be difficult: Introducing Managed Services


At Devoteam we do not claim that cloud is or should be easy. What we believe is that cloud should not be impossibly difficult for you to take full advantage of!

Making a transition to the cloud means a substantial number of changes and new opportunities for your business. We are sure you recognize some of these motivational factors:

  • Business agility
  • Time to market
  • Green values
  • Global reach
  • Pay-per-use
  • Adherence to security and compliance standards

Today, cloud platforms offer sophisticated services that will empower and rationalise your business services on all levels.
In this respect, it is hard to even compare the modern IT landscape to the pre-cloud IT organisations.

Much of what is a powerful, simple cloud service today was a strenuous manual effort in the past. This unboxing will
present you with solutions and services that assist your public and hybrid cloud environments, as well as your security and compliance states.


Compliance is a canonical example of the benefits of Cloud Managed Services. It is easy to explain – both in terms of the difficulty of keeping up manually and in terms of the clear benefits in switching to a Managed Service.

The compliance standards for business applications constantly change and evolve and are complex in nature, and yet we are all required to keep up with them.

The team of compliance experts that have built our Managed Cloud Compliance service continuously watch the compliance space to monitor for change. For each change they classify and respond to the policy update, or new policy, and they turn that into a compliance update that they can roll out to your organisation and keep you up to date.

The same supplier also updates prebuilt components that pass the compliance checks. With a library of these components, your teams can easily create new services in the cloud that are compliant from the get go! This way, your teams do not need to keep up with each compliance update and they save time trying to configure a new update

The way to become truly compliant is to never actually be non-compliant to begin with. Having access to a Managed Cloud Compliance service helps you start off safely and correctly. For the future of your cloud estate, it is the rational businessmove to make.


As the IT landscape is rapidly changing, so are the requirements for security. Modern cloud security management can be broken into two subjects, Detection and Response.

For threat detection it is important to be able to identify threats and at the same time continuously evaluate resources for potential vulnerabilities. Your team should also ensure that the endpoints are covered by the detection services. A gap there could create an opening for an attack.

When it comes to proper threat response, the shift to cloud native technologies forces a change in the skill set required by the security staff. They must learn how to handle remediation and vulnerabilities with a specifically cloud native approach.

With Devoteam’s Managed Cloud Security service, you free up your team’s time to spend on more advanced matters that can drive business value – while still protecting your company and IT assets at the highest level. It is a classic win-win situation.

With a Managed Service you have direct access to a dedicated expert team that handles one specific business challenge in the cloud for you. As you consume the managed service you pay only for what you use!